“Hey, how’re you doing?”

“Man, I’m so busy!”

I was in seminary when I caught myself trapped in an infinite loop, with this default answer to this casual greeting.

It was almost as if it was cool to be busy, that our measure of value was based on how many things we could jam-pack into our schedules and that there were badges of honor for whoever could get by on the least amount of sleep.

It was then that I decided it wasn’t cool to be busy.

It was then that I decided to cut through the knot of the busy-ness, the noise, and the hurry, and chase something I’m learning to call The Sabbath Life. Because I’ve found there are few things as ugly as a “busy Christian.”

Every great story begins with the end in mind and ends with the beginning in mind. Sabbath is the beginning and the end of God’s story. It’s the goal to which God is leading us.

It’s the point of every worship service and prayer meeting.

Of every Bible study and missional community and small group and Sunday school class.

Of every mission trip and neighborhood potluck and quiet time and leadership committee and service experience.

Of every one of those so-called “spiritual” things that we do. That, dare we say, make us so incredibly busy.

Sabbath is the Great End of the story. It’s not a place or a what. It’s a when. The when when God puts everything in its right place, kicks his feet up, and sighs, “Oh yeah, that was good!” This is the story of God’s peace and justice and the renewal of all things.

This is an invitation not to the striving life.

Not to the busy life.

Not to the frantic life.

Not to the frenzied life.

Not to the productive life.

This is an invitation to the Sabbath life.