Spiritual direction

Are you feeling stretched—as Bilbo Baggins puts it, “like butter scraped over too much bread?” Have you ever considered meeting with a spiritual director? I have openings in my schedule for new directees—regardless of where you live. I can work by phone or FaceTime, or if you live in the Tulsa metro area we can meet in person.

I am a trained spiritual director and available to help you listen to God’s active presence in your life. I studied with Sustainable Faith in 2010, and I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, accountable to their ethical standards and practices.

I’m particularly interested in dwelling in the Scriptures as a piece of spiritual formation and in the use of the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness.

So what exactly is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is a process where one person (i.e., a director) will spend focused time listening to you while also listening to God to help you discern what God is doing in your life so that you can cooperate with his activity and desires for you. All meetings are confidential.

Here is how Eugene Peterson (who’s a pretty smart guy) puts it in his book Working the Angles:

Spiritual direction takes place when two people agree to give their full attention to what God is doing in one (or both) of their lives and seek to respond in faith…. Whether planned or unplanned, three convictions underpin these meetings:

(1) God is always doing something: an active grace is shaping this life into a mature salvation;

(2) responding to God is not sheer guesswork: the Christian community has acquired wisdom through the centuries that provides guidance;

(3) each soul is unique: no wisdom can simply be applied without discerning the particulars of this life, this situation 

Who is spiritual direction for?

Every Christian should consider meeting with a spiritual director as a part of their spiritual formation, their work of becoming more like Jesus. Christian leaders—whether paid or volunteer, part-time or full-time—especially, should seek out meeting with a spiritual director on a regular basis.

Are you at a crossroads in life, transition in career or family situation? Looking for clarity in your sense of purpose or vocation? Feeling stuck or plateaued in your spiritual life? Are you finding your walk with God or experience in ministry particularly burdensome in this season? Then you may find spiritual direction helpful.

So, nuts and bolts… how does this work? What is a session like?

Spiritual direction meetings usually take place once a month for an hour. Sessions take place in the privacy of a comfortable home office. They can also take place long-distance via Skype or FaceTime. There are stories. There are questions. There is silence. There is prayer. Every word is confidential.

How long does spiritual direction last?

As long as you find it beneficial to you. You may end a relationship with a director at any time, but spiritual direction is not something you graduate from. It’s an ongoing ingredient in nurturing your soul. Long-lasting fruit comes from an ongoing relationship with a spiritual director.

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